Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sorry it has taken so long to post pictures! I have started working half time with an awesome second grade class and partner teacher! Derek has not adjusted to my schedule...SURPRISE, SURPRISE, so Ric brings him to me for nursing at 11:10. It works for all of us so we'll keep doing it!

Derek is 8 months old! He is crawling super fast, says "da da, ma ma, & ba ba," climbs on everything, and just started waving today. We can't figure out what he is waving at, but it is sure cute! He continues to surprise us with his motor skills! He really wants to run away from us!


Anonymous Jonathan said...

lady killer. especiall the one in the middle. it's like the look he's gonna have on his face when he can't choose which of the 200 girls he likes the most.

Thu Sep 28, 02:07:00 AM  

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