Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Derek is just over 11 weeks old in these pictures! He is such a fun little guy who loves to talk and talk. Guess what else he can do? He pulls up his legs, then rolls himself over on his side. Oh No, he's getting mobile!!!

I know these photos look a bit odd! They were taken yesterday by a laptop computer in a not so lit room! What amazing technology we have! Ric chose the sepia format, but you can do all kinds of fun things using the program. We'll see if we can experiment more in the near future! (This is Sandy's new toy!!!) Those in the photos you can't see well are Ric, Tif, and Uncle Chris!

All is well with our family. Being a parent is exhausting and rewarding at the same time! We feel like we're getting better, but still have a TON to learn! I guess it is a lifetime of learning...


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