Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ric, the baby, and I were given the splendid opportunity of participating in a raku party. The original Monday Night Potluck group headed out to Gig Harbor with fine food and drink to the beautiful two acre setting at Terri and Chris' studio. Each person was able to choose two incredible pots to explore the raku process. We were amazed by this and how well each person's pot turned out. What an incredible experience! The baby REALLY enjoyed it! He was dancing the entire evening.
This is where the baby and I were given the chance to heat things up a bit!

These pots have just finished baking and will be placed in trash cans with paper to complete the raku process. The pot on the left is one I created while the one behind it is Ric's masterpiece!
Here are some of the complete pieces. Aren't they amazing?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tiffany and Ric,
Your raku pots look beautiful. It looks like you two and baby had a great time.
Tiff, thank God for sweats and moo moos and sheets if necessary at the end! (Ha)
Again the pictures are so special for your mom and dad. We love you lots. M & H

Tue Aug 30, 02:24:00 PM  

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