Friday, January 06, 2006

This evening, Firehouse is giving birth to a soft opening of its coffee store for family from 6-9 pm. SO EXCITING!!! (I can't believe I will be able to be there!) The place looks INCREDIBLE due to the hard work of the crew! I wish you all lived close by so you could experience it with us. I am hoping to put up pictures of this event on the Blog, but I'm not sure when our son wants to be born. So I apologize in advanced if it takes a while to do this. Our doors will be opened to the public on the tenth, but January 20 is our GRAND OPENING. I am thrilled to finally have this happen.

Now we are just waiting for my "grand opening!" The midwife on January 4 said I was one centimeter dialated, and my uterus is now flat. I'm progressing! If he is not born by Monday, I will need to have a non-stress test done, then plan a day to have him induced. She said all is well and not to worry. I can't believe how well I feel for being 7 days overdue. I am really lucky and thankful I've had such a great pregnancy! Thank you for your comments, prayers, words of encouragement, etc. I love you all and can't wait to introduce our son to you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tif and Ric,
How exciting that you are experiencing the birth of the dream of Firehouse Coffee Co. We can't wait to arrive to visit your dream.
But, we are even more excited to visit and hold our new grandson. Thank you Tiffany for keeping your mom and dad up to date on "Baby Boy Matthies". We are asked daily by friends if "he" has arrived. Our prayers are with all three of you and we are excited for God's gift to you and us!
Love, Mom & Dad H

Fri Jan 06, 06:11:00 PM  

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