Saturday, April 15, 2006

It can't be true! Derek is now 3 months old! When parents say the time when their kids are babies goes by super fast, they aren't kidding! It is truly amazing to see how much he has grown in all areas! It is a blast taking care of him and learning about his personality.

Yesterday I received a letter I have been waiting a long time for...I am officially off for the rest of the school year and summer! I am TRULY THANKFUL to have the opportunity to stay home and really take care of our son! Words cannot express how happy I am! YES!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are so glad that you get to stay home with your precious little guy. We love the pictures!!
Thank you for the "rabbit" pictures they really show how much he has grown and changed. We can see a lot of you in Derek. Grandma and Aunt Shirley always asks about Derek. What a loved baby! Mom and Dad H

Sat Apr 15, 06:50:00 PM  

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