Monday, September 05, 2005

Ric and I are at his sister's beautiful house in Gig Harbor visiting his mom from California. We had a wonderful time talking about the baby, picking blackberries, and spending quality time with the family! I am still feeling great and look forward to starting the new school year!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tiff, Ric and Baby Boy,
Tiffany you look so adorable pregnant....with your tummy poochy.
Your dad and I love getting the new pictures and proudly show you off to whomever comes to our house. They all think you are adorable.
With just three months left you two will soon have a baby in your arms. We pray for the three of you daily.
We can't wait to hug all of you. We love You! Mom and Dad

Wed Sep 28, 11:55:00 AM  

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