Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Good morning! We had a lot of calls yesterday, and I was unable to get back to them due to a very long day...I went in for my non-stress test with the midwife in the morning and found our son to be doing well. They gave him an A+! The midwife tried to "help me along," which tired my body out a great deal. I went home and took a nap before another soft opening of Firehouse Coffee Co. which was for business people who have helped out with our shop. We had a lot of people come, though it was a Monday night. Ric and I didn't arrive home until 2:00 am with many messages awaiting us.

Our scheduled induction date is Thursday at Saint Joseph's hospital in Tacoma. If there is a bed available in the morning, I may start the induction process as early as 8:00. We chose this day because of the midwife who will be on duty. She is an amazing soul whom we feel very comfortable with. He will be delivered either Thursday or Friday depending on how long of a process it will take. I continue to feel great and can't wait to meet him! He comes at a perfect time for us. Today our shop officially opened to the public at 5:30 am. We will have the grand opening January 20. Please come by if you can for a delicious cup of coffee and pastry. Thank you for all of your calls, encouragement, and support. In two to three days, we will be holding our son in our arms. HOORAY!


Blogger Angela MacNeill said...

Hi there Tif,
Congratulations to you and Ric. I heard the good news on Friday from Chad and Tracy. I'm so happy for the both of you. I love the pictures on you sight. You look so cute pregnant, and I can't wait to see you and Ric holding your little one.
Lots of Love,
Angela "Capote" Mac Neill

Tue Jan 17, 08:42:00 AM  

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