Monday, September 26, 2005

I am now able to feel the baby when touching my belly. What an incredible experience! I am no longer craving foods, but I continue to have energy! Ric and I are busy getting the baby's room ready and organizing our place so the baby "fits" into our small space.

There are two baby showers planned for Baby Matthies. One is October 22, while the other is November 12. I am finally registered at Babysrus. What an overwhelming experience that was! (So many items to choose from.) I enjoy being pregnant so much and can't wait to meet our little boy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I hear your comments I remember how I felt carrying you in my tummy. It is an unbelievable experience and one that I know is blessing you. I remember with Tod, being able to almost hold his foot during the last month of my pregnancy. He was a real kicker.
Your dad and I wish we lived closer just to see our grandson move....but thank you so much for the pictures. Love all three of you! Mom and Dad

Tue Oct 04, 10:30:00 AM  

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